Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Yellow Boy has a new home

by Diane Brewer on 05/14/22

Yellow boy got a name and a family.  They are calling him Deuce.  I am very happy for him and for his family.  My hope and wish is that they have many happy years together.  I still have two red girls available.  They are eight weeks old today.  

Gambit did a thing - fast cat

by Diane Brewer on 05/03/22

Gambit, Jimmy and myself experienced our first Fast Cat competition.  This is where a dog chases a plastic back for a 100 yard dash and gets points for his speed.  It was good for Gambit to be out and around others and learn something new.  I think this will be our thing to do together for a while.  The puppies are six weeks old.  They are full of life and energy.  They are also starting to look like bloodhounds.  I hope to place three of them.  I might place four it just depends.  We have a home for one of the males.  We are looking for good homes for two of the females and possibly one other male.  Someone has been talking to me about the other male but I am uncertain as to whether that is going to go through or not.  I struggle about giving up Red girl.  She is clearly the prettiest of the girls.  But, she is shy and prefers quiet spaces.  I call her Sis and Punkin.   She needs a home that will get her to come out of her shell and try new things but respects that she is shy.  Her sister whom I have nicknamed Enterprise (Black girl) is also shy but is also bossy and pushy and full of herself.  She is in the middle of most of the puppy fights.  She needs a person who can handle a bossy but shy bloodhound.  These are sweet pups and need people who will understand them and also love them as they are.  I am not sure which boy might be available.  If I were to guess I would guess it is the runt of the litter, Brown Boy.  We've nicknamed him Jr.  I think he's beautiful and just waiting to grow into himself like his Grandpa Bobby Lee.  He's a love bug.  He did prefer to be held all the time but he's starting to outgrow that.  If I could I'd keep them all.  I fall in love with each of them as individuals.  I see their personalities and appreciate them for who they are.  I feel so blessed to be enjoying a litter again after seven years.  

Two weeks

by Diane Brewer on 04/01/22

The pups have made it to their two week mark.  Eyes are opened and they are toddling around driving their mother crazy.  Their personalities are starting to develop.  We lost one of the Black and Tan girls at 9 days old,  She started to fade and then we got her back on track but something went wrong.  She may have had colic.  I am known for keeping more than one of the pups.  I do this because I rarely have a litter.  I have two girls and one boy available.  They are red.  The girls are beautiful.  That boy for now is a runt like Granpa Bobby Lee.  You can find his story and photos all over our webpage.  If you are interested in one of our pups send me an email so we can get to know each other.

The Puppies Have Arrived

by Diane Brewer on 03/19/22

Susie is doing really well esp considering her age and this is her first litter.  She has eight beautiful puppies.  There are five girls two of which are Black and Tan and three red boys.  They are my lucky charms born on Saint Patrick‚Äôs Day.  All are doing really well.  They are already trying to walk and their noses are working around the clock.  Mama cannot hide from them.   I plan to keep one boy and two girls.  I prefer the boys who are placed not be neutered.  I would love to place a couple of the pups in a home willing to show them in conformation.  This is our fifth generation of pups over a period of 26 years of owning bloodhounds.  It has been seven years since we have had a litter and we are looking for homes that will love them and make them a part of their lives.  


by Diane Brewer on 03/07/22

We have puppies on the way.  Susie is going to be a Mom.  We are looking for good homes for the pups.  We ask you have a fenced area for the dog to run freely.  If you are interested in a pup contact us. The pups are due March 21st.

2021 December

by Diane Brewer on 12/15/21

Where does the time go?  Evidently I skipped 2020.  Maybe that is for the best.  My accidental litter turned 6 and are going on seven.  I've dreamed of litters.  I've tried to get a good collection on Big Stan. A friend and I tried to get pups from Stanley but for now it did not happen. I've been in search of a female that I could negotiate purchasing to hang out with Stanley but that too has so far fallen short. I am still picky and want nice dogs.  I've worked and survived the plandemic as so many of you have thus far. Since the last post Stanley won a hound group 3 placement this year. He also earned the NOHS Bronze Award and surpassed his Sire in points.  It was so exciting and long overdue for him.  He won Select Dog at a Regional in May.  The past ten years I've allowed my website to age and I haven't updated it properly. I've seriously considered retiring from my hobby.  In recent days I have come to realize I am not quite ready to quit just yet.  I also have a young male bloodhound that I co-own with Brittany Buchanan  who I need to make a page for on my site.  So, I need to step it up.  I've worked on new pages and updating my site all day today.  I plan to add a page for Gambit and a Blasts from the Past page.  I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

Stanley is a Grand Champion/ Dreamer got her first Scent title

by Diane Brewer on 05/13/19

I have been so busy.  I hardly ever check in.  Stanley completed his Grand Champion title in April at the Jackson TN Dog Fanciers show.  Dreamer got her first scent work title in Tunica MS.  Susie is coming along with her show dog training.  Life keeps keeping on.

Wow! I've been away for too long!

by Diane Brewer on 02/01/19

What can I say!  That last litter kept me busy and time sure did fly by.  They are turning four years old now.  Stanley is now CH Mayflower's One Night Stand.  He is well on his way to becoming a Grand Champion.  Ruth is also CH Mayflower's Home Run!  Ruth picked up a third major win last year in Louisville Kentucky and finished winning her final point in Jackson TN.  Stanley finished big winning his last major and Winners Dog at a Regional in Marion IL. Since then he has picked up two major wins towards his Grand Champion title.  Susie is learning to be a show dog.  She was the sleeper pup born 24 hours after the rest.  We have been so busy with Ruth and Stanley we haven't put a lot of work into Susie.  You will be seeing her around at shows in 2019.  At this point she has only attended two single days of shows in her entire 3 years of life.  We picked up a newcomer last Jan.  We have a cute little black and tan girl we call Dream Girl.  She is proving strong in AKC scent work competition already having picked up a leg in containers as a pup at her first show.  She also won Reserve Winners at the Regional in Marion IL at just turned 6 months old.  I really need to update my website.  I have lots of lovely photos and inf I have not been sharing.  

Stanley does it right in Cleveland Ohio

by Diane Brewer on 12/14/17

Thanks to Judge Joy Brewster Stanley is well on his way to being a Champion.  He picked up a five point major going over nine Champions and Grand Champions under her experienced eye.  He won Best of Breed, Best Owner Handled, and Best Of Winners.  This win was long overdue and well deserved.  Then we went on to the Owner Handled Hound Group where Mrs. Rita Holloway presented Stanley with a Group 3 Award!  Thank you Mrs. Holloway.  We had a very good day.  It made the drive home to Tennessee a pleasant one.  

Regional and Supported Entry in Marion Ill

by Diane Brewer on 09/08/17

We loaded up Ruth and Stanley for a road trip to Marion Ill and competed with others from the region.  Ruth continues to perform well.  She went Reserve both days only getting beaten by bloodhounds on professional handlers.  Stanley continues to improve.  He has taken a couple of Group 4 placements in the Owner Handler Hound Group.  He is tied for 6th place in the National Owner Handler Series for 2017 following in the footsteps of his daddy, Bobby Lee, keeping Mayflower Bloodhounds ranked in Owner Handler for the 4th year in a row.

The 2016 Nationals in Chattanooga TN

by Diane Brewer on 10/21/16

Wow!  It has been almost a year since I've posted anything.  As always a lot has happened.  Ruth picked up major points in North Carolina in June.  Then she was one of the most consistent winners at the Nationals of the 119 dogs entered.  She placed in every thing she was entered in.  She and Stanley placed second in their classes in the Futurity.  Stanley placed second in the Sweeps at the Nationals. Ruth won first place in the largest class of bitches and then went on to win Best Jr. and came very close to winning the sweeps altogether.  She was both stunning and amazing.  Both Ruth and Stanley placed in Bred By Conformation.  Stanley placed Fourth and Ruth placed First at the Nationals in Bred By.  The day of the regional Ruth placed Third in Bred By.  She won her class again in Sweeps and went on to Best of Opposite Sex to Best Jr.  Stanley placed third in his class in Sweeps.  Bobby Lee did not win anything but did a beautiful job presenting himself in Best of Breed both days.  He and Shotgun were in the Parade of Honors and seemed to enjoy all of the attention.  My only complaint about the Nationals is that it did not last long enough.  I want to thank all the judges for honoring my dogs with such lovely wins.  It says something about the dogs when so many different judges continued to put them up at such  large shows each day.

Lastest News

by Diane Brewer on 11/13/15

We've been so busy.  Mayflower's Home Run made her debut at the American Bloodhound Club Nationals in Ohio. She went BOS to Best Puppy in the Sweeps her first day in the show ring at just six months old.  She placed Fourth in the six to nine month Puppy Class the day of the Nationals and First the day after at the Regional Specialty.  She had lots of compliments and admirers.  Her brother Mayflower's One Night Stand did pretty good too, placing Fourth in the six to nine month puppy class both days.  Both kids were happy, outgoing and moved well around the ring.  Their Dad, Bobby Lee wasn't feeling it.  He did things his way in the BOB ring including stacking "left handed" as I like to call it.  He's had better days.  Just a couple of weeks before the Nationals he went a Owner Handled Group 1 with good competition.  He ranks 6th in the Nation as an Owner Handled dog and is invited to attend the National Owner Handled competition at the Eukanuba Classic in Florida.  I've signed up for it but not sure I am ready to make another long road trip to a dog show so soon.

New Grand Champion

by Diane Brewer on 10/13/15

GCH Nothing Left To Lose - Bobby Lee finished his new title two weeks ago in Tennessee.  He also finished the year ranking at 6th place in the National Owner Handled Series for Bloodhounds.  2014 he ranked 5th.  We are very proud of his accomplishments.  This past weekend he took an National Owner Handled Series Group 1 in Hound Group in Nashville TN starting off the 2016 year with a bang!  His daughter Mayflower's Home Run - Ruth also took a Puppy Best In Show two weeks ago at her very first show ever.  Looks like we are going to continue to have some dog showing fun over the next few years.

Johnny's CGC etc

by Diane Brewer on 05/27/15

Johnny AKA Mayflower's Married In A Fever earned his CGC.  We are so proud of the big lunk.  I know I need to update my website.  Life has been full and busy.  My mom passed away Christmas Eve.  My husband, Mr. B., has been going through knee replacement surgery etc. etc. all in one year.  Then as icing on the cake we've had a surprise litter.  We have four beautiful pups from a pairing that was not planned.  We are going with it and calling it the Shotgun Wedding Litter.  We hope to place two pups on a co-ownership placement only because they are important to us and our dogs' bloodlines.

New Champion - Mayflower's Man of the Cloth "Preacher"

by Diane Brewer on 08/12/14

We are excited and proud to announce we have our seventh bred by champion.  Preacher became a champion in South Carolina the end of July 2014.  Now he can take a break from the shows while we get his brother Johnny ready for the show ring and while we campaign his other Champion brother Bobby Lee toward his Grand Champion title. The three boyz have done well.  Bobby Lee has three major wins and one special defeat toward his Grand Champion title.  Preacher enjoyed his last weekend out this year as a class dog hanging out with his good human friends Andrew, Molly, Melissa, and Michael as well as his four legged friends Diva and her Daddy, Later.  Winning points toward a champion title out of bred by is difficult to do.  At this time only four of our 7 bred by champions are still living.  Rock was our first bred by champion in 2004 and he passed away at the age of 10.  We also lost Maggie at 9 and Tiegs at 6.  We still have LJ who is 10, Bobby Lee who is 3, and Maizey who is 7. As I say over and over these websites do not really track the passage of time unless I write about it. Wow!  It is hard to believe the boyz (Bobby Lee, Preacher and Johnny) have just turned three.


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