2021 December : Random Thoughts

2021 December

by Diane Brewer on 12/15/21

Where does the time go?  Evidently I skipped 2020.  Maybe that is for the best.  My accidental litter turned 6 and are going on seven.  I've dreamed of litters.  I've tried to get a good collection on Big Stan. A friend and I tried to get pups from Stanley but for now it did not happen. I've been in search of a female that I could negotiate purchasing to hang out with Stanley but that too has so far fallen short. I am still picky and want nice dogs.  I've worked and survived the plandemic as so many of you have thus far. Since the last post Stanley won a hound group 3 placement this year. He also earned the NOHS Bronze Award and surpassed his Sire in points.  It was so exciting and long overdue for him.  He won Select Dog at a Regional in May.  The past ten years I've allowed my website to age and I haven't updated it properly. I've seriously considered retiring from my hobby.  In recent days I have come to realize I am not quite ready to quit just yet.  I also have a young male bloodhound that I co-own with Brittany Buchanan  who I need to make a page for on my site.  So, I need to step it up.  I've worked on new pages and updating my site all day today.  I plan to add a page for Gambit and a Blasts from the Past page.  I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

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The name was established in 2,000 but, let's face it, when I was born someone must have put a hound in my hand because I've never been without a hound.