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Gambit did a thing - fast cat

by Diane Brewer on 05/03/22

Gambit, Jimmy and myself experienced our first Fast Cat competition.  This is where a dog chases a plastic back for a 100 yard dash and gets points for his speed.  It was good for Gambit to be out and around others and learn something new.  I think this will be our thing to do together for a while.  The puppies are six weeks old.  They are full of life and energy.  They are also starting to look like bloodhounds.  I hope to place three of them.  I might place four it just depends.  We have a home for one of the males.  We are looking for good homes for two of the females and possibly one other male.  Someone has been talking to me about the other male but I am uncertain as to whether that is going to go through or not.  I struggle about giving up Red girl.  She is clearly the prettiest of the girls.  But, she is shy and prefers quiet spaces.  I call her Sis and Punkin.   She needs a home that will get her to come out of her shell and try new things but respects that she is shy.  Her sister whom I have nicknamed Enterprise (Black girl) is also shy but is also bossy and pushy and full of herself.  She is in the middle of most of the puppy fights.  She needs a person who can handle a bossy but shy bloodhound.  These are sweet pups and need people who will understand them and also love them as they are.  I am not sure which boy might be available.  If I were to guess I would guess it is the runt of the litter, Brown Boy.  We've nicknamed him Jr.  I think he's beautiful and just waiting to grow into himself like his Grandpa Bobby Lee.  He's a love bug.  He did prefer to be held all the time but he's starting to outgrow that.  If I could I'd keep them all.  I fall in love with each of them as individuals.  I see their personalities and appreciate them for who they are.  I feel so blessed to be enjoying a litter again after seven years.  

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