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Johnny's CGC etc

by Diane Brewer on 05/27/15

Johnny AKA Mayflower's Married In A Fever earned his CGC.  We are so proud of the big lunk.  I know I need to update my website.  Life has been full and busy.  My mom passed away Christmas Eve.  My husband, Mr. B., has been going through knee replacement surgery etc. etc. all in one year.  Then as icing on the cake we've had a surprise litter.  We have four beautiful pups from a pairing that was not planned.  We are going with it and calling it the Shotgun Wedding Litter.  We hope to place two pups on a co-ownership placement only because they are important to us and our dogs' bloodlines.

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The name was established in 2,000 but, let's face it, when I was born someone must have put a hound in my hand because I've never been without a hound.