Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Finally I am Back

by Diane Brewer on 06/15/12

I have had computer problems since November 2011.  My computer has been in the shop (like an old car) more than it has been at home.  So much has happened I do not even know where to begin.  Bad News First - I have lost three bloodhounds since November: Erica, Desire, and Maytoo.   Both Desire and Maytoo were over eleven years old and died of age related issues.  We miss all three very much.  They were a large part of our lives here.  Good News -  Both Robert and Maziey are Champions now and Maizey is working on her Grand Champion title.  Bobby Lee and Preacher have points and all three baby boys have come close to winning majors already.  The most current and most exciting thing for us is that Miss State Vet college was able to collect semen on Sonny who is nearly eight years old and we got a good collection.  For the longest time now he has been the only red male bloodhound in the OFA database that is alive who also has OFA excellent hips.  It seems to me that I appear to be the ONLY person who cares about this fact and that I need to do something to save what he has to offer the breed.  I was afraid I had waited too long to get this done due to the expense of it but thankfully he is still fertile at his age and I did get it done.  I am of a personal belief that dogs like Sonny should be bred or collected and saved until they are bred because if we do not make sure the healthiest of the breed are bred then why even bother with it?  I have studied the OFA database for years and it sincerely bothers me that the few bloodhounds who do have excellent hips, normal elbows, good hearts, etc. often never get bred.  It is good to be back online.

Dog show weekend

by Diane Brewer on 11/14/11

I had a good time at the dog show this past weekend.   Me, Dana and Lynn found our way to Priceville Alabama.   Polly won BOB with Lynn on Sat.  Mona won her first point at 10 months old with Dana.  I think I was checked out on vacation <S> me and Maizey came in last or rather RWB.  I made a lot of mistakes including dropping the lead as we trotted around the ring.  By Sunday I remembered that I was there to win too so on Sunday Maizey won BOB with me finally paying attention:-)  Mona got RWB.  We ate out a lot, enjoyed chatting, and laughing at our mistakes.  The weather was beautiful.  Maizey got a new pink elephant toy (she picked it out on Saturday) and a pig ear.   We've only had Maizey a little over a year and she only needs two points now to be a champion.  She is a beautiful girl and has the potential to be a special.

Not a lot going on

by Diane Brewer on 11/11/11

Really, not a lot going on.  Jonesy has been going to school for a month now.  I am hopeful it will help get him over his phobia of being around strangers in strange places.   I posted a new picture of him on Future Stars at class.  He turned 1 year old Oct. 29th.  He still seems unsure of himself at school but he also appears to be relaxing a little.  The baby boys are beautiful and growing too fast.

Jonesy and the Remote

by Diane Brewer on 10/19/11

Well, it looks like Jonesy is going to get my attention one way or another these days.  I got up this morning to find he had pulled the TV Remote Control into his crate and chewed it to bits.  I picked up all the pieces and started crying because I could not find the batteries.  I had to calm down and then look again.  Thankfully I found the batteries.  Jonesy played, ate, and seemed no worse for the wear.  Hopefully he did not ingest any of those sharp bits of the remote.  I sincerely believe he is Myles reincarnated.   Until next time -

Jonesy's First Day of School

by Diane Brewer on 10/16/11

He did very well today.  He was a little timid but he did not run from anyone.  He really likes Charles the Instructor!  However, "I" got a speeding ticket on the way home.

the boys are 11 weeks

by Diane Brewer on 10/15/11

It is so hard to believe that they are 11 weeks old already.  They are full of life and energy and very happy babies.  We are enjoying them.  Jonesy starts to school this week.   I haven't taken one to obedience class in four years.  I was tickled to find the same instructor who helped me with Myles years ago.  It should be fun.

just checking in

by Diane Brewer on 10/05/11

I don't have a lot to say today but thought I'd check in.  The boys are growing up and getting destructive.  They've reached that point in puppy play where they lay on their backs and chatter at each other.  I love listening to that and watching it.  It can get very loud.  Jonesy is maybe a little better.  He was okay at the vet's office for his weigh-in.  He walked right up to people and allowed them to pet him.  He weighs 116 pounds.  Maizey weighs 117 pounds.  Robert weighs 121 pounds.   I'll have new weights on the baby boys Monday or Tuesday next week when they go in for their vaccinations.  It is so hard to believe they are nearly 10 weeks old.  Until next time -

Won't Be Babies Long Enough

by Diane Brewer on 09/27/11

Last night we let the three "boys" run around in the house while we watched TV.  They played.  They found stuff.  Bobby Lee had a package of ketchup.  They are getting very good at finding things in the garbage.  I have to keep an eye on them at all times.  They sniffed of everything.  And they were in and out of our laps.  Preacher and Johnny fell asleep at Mr. B's feet.  Bobby Lee was asleep at my feet. I pulled him into my lap and Mr. B. pulled Johnny into his lap.  We won't be able to do that much longer.  Johnny likes to grunt and groan - he is an all around noise maker.  The other two get the upper hand of Johnny and for now he seems to be at the bottom of the totem pole. He's loud.  He likes to fuss and growl. When we pick him up he growls and fusses but it is easy to see he's having a large time and it is just his way of playing.   He's very theatrical more so than any I've had. He can have the entire pack on his side and sympathizing with him in seconds by howling and whimpering if he thinks he's been unjustly treated by another dog.  Bobby Lee is smart.  He's a problem solver.  He's a climber.  You can't keep him out of any place he really wants to be. He is also a tag-along and likes being underfoot. Although he's shy he is also fearless when his nose is turned on.  Johnny is bit shy and will need more socialization. He's hard headed too and has to be told more than once:-) And when I'm counting heads his is always the one that's missing.  Preacher is the independent one.  He's busy and had rather be any place than our laps although he does like to visit for a second.  I have to make time for Preacher because he has no time for me.  I tell him that he's my pick puppy but you wouldn't know it because he could care less for attention.  The boys are smart, they use their noses more than any bloodhounds I've owned and that's saying something, they have skin that's soft as suede or felt to the touch and the longest ears I've seen in some time now. This is an aside but I've noticed that people like to measure ears to the end of a dog's nose but that can be deceptive.  If these boys get any size on them and have large heads their ears could just be at the ends of their noses although they are long now.  A bloodhound with a 10 inch head will appear to have longer ears when a bloodhound with a 12 inch head's ears will appear short but actually be longer than the one with the 10 inch head.  Like a lot of things - things such as that are relative.  But for puppies they do have the longest ears I've seen in a long time.  Their Grandmother Jama used to trip over her ears and suck on them like a baby will suck on its thumb.  We are enjoying them but like the title says - they won't be babies long enough.   Bloodhound puppies are the coolest but they do grow up fast and when they get old they are as I've said already "grizzely" looking with their skin tags, grey faces, callouses in all kinds of places, etc. etc.  You know you are a bloodhound lover when you appreciate and love the old ones as much if not more so than the babies.  I've got three old-timers that are all over 11  years old which is something too.   And while I'm on this line of thought these pups if they make it to be old have the potential to be really old because three out of four of their grandparents are still alive and between the ages of over 11 to over 12 years old.  The other grandparent lived to be over 12 before he passed away.   The father is 11 and the mother is 7.  That alone is very rare in this breed and that alone is why I am so excited to have these boys.  Until next time -

Jonesy's Day in Corinth

by Diane Brewer on 09/26/11

Well, I am determined to get Jonesy over his new found phobia(s).  I loaded him up for a road trip to Tractor Supply in Corinth.  I got him out of my car and walked him around on the parking lot at first.  Of course he did "number one" out of fear.  I knew then we couldn't go inside just yet.  So we walked around on the lawn and smelled the trees and other things that loomed on the horizon.  The first obsticle was the sliding glass doors that seemed to move as if by magic.  Jonesy wanted to run from them.  We got through them with all eyes on us and people smiling and saying how beautiful he is as I quickly warned them he's going through a shy phase so that they would not make a sudden movement towards him.  He dodged them and headed down the first asile we came to.  I showed him where we buy the dog food and he seemed to recognize the smells and he seemed to relax a little.  Some guy walked up and started talking to us so I warned him that Jonesy is shy.  He squatted down on Jonesy's level and asked me if he was old. I know this seems like an odd question but for people not familiar with the breed I can see such a question being asked.  The dog is large.  He has lots of wrinkles.  He's not happy and walking around kind of slow and sad. A truly old bloodhound is a rare thing to see and they are so grizzley and ugly looking that they are somehow beatuiful. If he'd ever seen an old one he would know that Jonesy with no callouses, no skin tags, no scars, a mouth full of pearly white teeth is actually a very young bloodhound.  However, I didn't try to explain I just said that he's just 10 months old.  Then I got the usual questions about the red eyes (it is the haw or third eye lid showing) and they were redder than usual probably because we drove there with the windows down.  I didn't really have adequate time to explain so I looked at his eyes and said that yes they were red but they are not usually red.   Jonesy allowed him to pet him and for us that was progress.  I thanked the guy for petting him.  We walked around the store but I could tell Jonesy was looking for a way out.  We went out a different set of glass doors to an outside area that is fenced in.  Jonesy walked the fence line still looking for a way out.  When we went back to the glass doors he caught his own reflection in the glass and he ducked down and went behind me.  I squatted down and said, "Its us Jonesy look!"  He didn't want to look.  I pretended to sniff and said to him to sniff the glass so he would know that was not another dog.  Of course he didn't need to do that he's a bloodhound but I watched him process what I was saying and I watched his nose wiggle a bit.  He just wanted to leave.  So, I opened the glass door and he took us through and back into the store.  As we were leaving the kind ladies who work there talked to him.  He didn't seem to pay them a lot of attention but we stood there for a second before going back outside and to the car.  After we loaded up he panted more than he should.  I stopped at Sonic and bought us something to eat.  He ignored the plain burger.  Then we drove home.  I left the burger in his crate when I brought the crate inside the house and I noticed he did eat it later that night as part of his supper.  He seemed no worse for the wear but no doubt this is going to take a while to get him through if I can get him through it at all.  I will be signing up for Obedience classes at Petsmart in the near future with him.  We do not have conformation classes nearby so I have to improvise.  The trainers know why I'm there and work with me on my problems.  He needs to take a road trip frequently and be rewarded for it.  He needs to be around new and strange places and meet strange friendly faces. It needs to be fun.  He does not consider it fun at all but somehow we've got to get him to change his mind.  This is so frustrating for me because prior to the show in Memphis where he did so well he did not have all these phobias. He was outgoing and happy to be and he was winning!  He is suddenly so aware of his surroundings and timid.  I decided to share because dogs are not all the same.  They go through different phases and such and nothing that serious has to happen to cause them to pick up a phobia. I think I may have simply overwhelmed him at the Memphis show with too many new experiences at once.  Daddy wasn't with us.  We spent the night in a hotel with a lady and dog Jonesy did not know.  He was passed around and walked and shown by different ladies that he didn't know.  As these things happened he began to notice all the strangers and strange dogs at the show and process it. I imagine he has got it in his head someone might take him away.  He's a baby.  He looks like an adult but he's a very big baby.  He's a very young dog and it must have overwhelmed him.  Now he's trying to process it and put it in perspective I think.  It has been years since I've had one to go through this phase.  Every so often I have to relearn a thing or two. Evidently I needed to relearn that a new young pup needs to be exposed to new experiences gradually.  Some can handle it and some cannot and need to take smaller baby steps.  Jonesy needed his Daddy and he needed most likely to go home that evening rather than spending the night in a hotel.   This afternoon I will take him to the park for a few minutes.  He is such a beautiful dog I hate that we've had this little set back.  It happens. Hopefully we will work through it.   Until next time -

just chatting

by Diane Brewer on 09/25/11

The pups got their second vet check at the 8 week point.  Preacher weighs a bit over 20 pounds.  Johnny and Bobby Lee weigh a bit over 15 pounds.  Their personalities are starting to really come through.  Preacher is demanding and very outgoing.  Johnny has a knack for theatrics.  Bobby Lee slobbers <S> I haven't had a slobber box in a long long time.  He also likes to sit in our laps.  They all love toys and will play for hours with each other and their toys.  Their perfect little teeth are needle point sharp too.  It won't be long until they will be going to obedience classes.  Speaking of which it looks like I'm going to have to take Jonesy to class pretty soon.  We did a show in Tueplo Miss and discovered that Jonesy is having a bit of a set-back.  After his big win in Memphis where he was obviously overwhelmed by staying his first night away from home at a hotel, then he was passed around from this person to that person when we were showing, and other drama went on where he crashed into the special in front of him.  The entire weekend has him a bit afraid of shows now which is just too bad because he was on a roll and looks fab.  I am going to have to work hard with him to help him over his phobia so he can get back on track.  I relearned an important lesson from that experience - be very careful with puppies.  Don't throw too many new experiences at them at once.  It has been well over 12 years since I've had one to back away from the judge during an exam.  It totally caught me by surprise because standing for exam was Jonesy's thing - he was a rock.  Anyway Robert and Maziey had a good weekend picking up one point each.  The show was a small quiet show and had it not been for Jonesy's change in behavior I would have really enjoyed the entire weekend. Until next time -  

they are almost 8 wks old

by Diane Brewer on 09/22/11

It is hard to believe that they are almost 8 weeks old.  I missed doing their 7 week photos and had to make time to get their 8 week photos done.  Life has been going into overdrive around here this past week and it seems I have had no time to do anything but go go go.  They are growing like weeds.  Johnny and Preacher are looking less like sweet babies and more like leggy teenagers.  The babyfaced cute stage is almost over.  Bloodhounds do not stay little long enough.  I cannot wait for the weekend! 

Good News!

by Diane Brewer on 09/13/11

"Polly" AKA Ch Grand Champion International Champion Mayflower's Shipwreck OFA'd Excellent on her hips.  We are very excited about this news.  She's the third Mayflower bh out of the second generation to OFA Excellent.

found a computer so I can update my website

by Diane Brewer on 09/12/11

Thank Goodness!  The new six week puppy pictures are up.  These pups are exactly what I love and want.  They have a look I've campagined for years in the show ring starting with their Great Grandmother Jama and coming right down to their Mother Heaven.  I am so pleased with these boys. 

Puppies are six weeks old

by Diane Brewer on 09/10/11

My computer is in the shop being repaired.  It is over seven years old and like an old car it needs parts replaced from time to time.  So, there's no new puppy pictures this week of the pups.  Sorry.  It is difficult to post from the library using a CD from Walmart:-) I did that at the 5 week mark.  I may eventually have to do that again.  We'll see how long it takes for my computer to get repaired.  The pups are beautiful.  They got their first round of vaccinations at the Vet's office today.  Preacher weighs over 12 pounds.  Johnny weighs over 11 pounds and Bobby Lee weighs over 10 pounds.  They are barking, growling, playing and being puppies at this time. The cute baby stage will soon be over and they'll be great big grown up looking dogs with puppy brains.  I spend most of my free time playing with them.  Until next time -

It is My Birthday!

by Diane Brewer on 09/01/11

I turned 50 today!  My husband turned 50 a few months ago and it really bothered me but today for some reason or other I'm okay with it.  I had to work so I didn't get to celebrate like I think I should have.  For years I barely noticed any kind of birthday or anniversary.  To me it was just another day.  Now though with the passing of my pets after only 10 or more years (some sooner) I realize that a birthday should be one of the biggest celebrations of all.  We should all be happy to know that we've lived another year.  Life is a blessing!


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