Two weeks : Random Thoughts

Two weeks

by Diane Brewer on 04/01/22

The pups have made it to their two week mark.  Eyes are opened and they are toddling around driving their mother crazy.  Their personalities are starting to develop.  We lost one of the Black and Tan girls at 9 days old,  She started to fade and then we got her back on track but something went wrong.  She may have had colic.  I am known for keeping more than one of the pups.  I do this because I rarely have a litter.  I have two girls and one boy available.  They are red.  The girls are beautiful.  That boy for now is a runt like Granpa Bobby Lee.  You can find his story and photos all over our webpage.  If you are interested in one of our pups send me an email so we can get to know each other.

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The name was established in 2,000 but, let's face it, when I was born someone must have put a hound in my hand because I've never been without a hound.