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New Champion - Mayflower's Man of the Cloth "Preacher"

by Diane Brewer on 08/12/14

We are excited and proud to announce we have our seventh bred by champion.  Preacher became a champion in South Carolina the end of July 2014.  Now he can take a break from the shows while we get his brother Johnny ready for the show ring and while we campaign his other Champion brother Bobby Lee toward his Grand Champion title. The three boyz have done well.  Bobby Lee has three major wins and one special defeat toward his Grand Champion title.  Preacher enjoyed his last weekend out this year as a class dog hanging out with his good human friends Andrew, Molly, Melissa, and Michael as well as his four legged friends Diva and her Daddy, Later.  Winning points toward a champion title out of bred by is difficult to do.  At this time only four of our 7 bred by champions are still living.  Rock was our first bred by champion in 2004 and he passed away at the age of 10.  We also lost Maggie at 9 and Tiegs at 6.  We still have LJ who is 10, Bobby Lee who is 3, and Maizey who is 7. As I say over and over these websites do not really track the passage of time unless I write about it. Wow!  It is hard to believe the boyz (Bobby Lee, Preacher and Johnny) have just turned three.

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