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Checking in and catching up

by Diane Brewer on 07/05/13

Finally,  I have a new computer and can finally access my website from home.  I should be able to keep it updated now.  A lot has happened since Tiegs passed away.  Recently we lost Cloud to old age.  He lived to be 13 which is the oldest bloodhound we have ever owned to date.  He was a good dog and we loved him very much.  Most of our dogs are old although we show them in their prime when they were winning shows on the "Our Champions" page.  The "Songs of Praise" litter is turning 9 this month and then the "GI Joe" litter turns 7 in September.  There is nothing like tracking the passing of time in the span of one dog's life.  Showing the dogs in competitions has been a wonderful experience over the years.  We have been to a lot of interesting towns and cities and met a lot of interesting people and dogs.  I hope to continue with the hobby over the years - time will tell the tale.

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The name was established in 2,000 but, let's face it, when I was born someone must have put a hound in my hand because I've never been without a hound.