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Dog show weekend

by Diane Brewer on 11/14/11

I had a good time at the dog show this past weekend.   Me, Dana and Lynn found our way to Priceville Alabama.   Polly won BOB with Lynn on Sat.  Mona won her first point at 10 months old with Dana.  I think I was checked out on vacation <S> me and Maizey came in last or rather RWB.  I made a lot of mistakes including dropping the lead as we trotted around the ring.  By Sunday I remembered that I was there to win too so on Sunday Maizey won BOB with me finally paying attention:-)  Mona got RWB.  We ate out a lot, enjoyed chatting, and laughing at our mistakes.  The weather was beautiful.  Maizey got a new pink elephant toy (she picked it out on Saturday) and a pig ear.   We've only had Maizey a little over a year and she only needs two points now to be a champion.  She is a beautiful girl and has the potential to be a special.

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1. Robert Wilson said on 11/14/11 - 04:53PM
Cindy and I really enjoyed talking with you outside the ring. We viewed your upcoming litter and all three look just our JD. If you ever need a helping hand with your boys just let us know.
2. Diane Brewer said on 11/15/11 - 08:50AM
Thanks for writing and for coming to the show! It was very nice to meet the two of you and chat about our dogs. I am sure JD is much loved and cared for - his age of 11 years is proof enough of that. Give him a hug for me!

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