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Long time no see

by Diane Brewer on 09/10/13

So much happens around here.  I finally have a new computer Yeah!  We've lost a lot of old four legged friends over the past year.  I finally gave up on having my very own red female bloodhound pup and went and got one from Molly Nye.  We are the proud owners of M&M's Diamond Jubilee at Mayflower.  We call her Diva.  She is our first red bloodhound girl in 9 years.  These websites do not reflect the passing of time very well.  Heaven and LJ (my Top 20 girl) are 9 years old.  That is so hard to believe but it is true.  I retired LJ from the show ring in 2009.  I am so ready to have a red girl back in the ring.  I look forward to new adventures with The Diva. 

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The name was established in 2,000 but, let's face it, when I was born someone must have put a hound in my hand because I've never been without a hound.