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just checking in

by Diane Brewer on 10/05/11

I don't have a lot to say today but thought I'd check in.  The boys are growing up and getting destructive.  They've reached that point in puppy play where they lay on their backs and chatter at each other.  I love listening to that and watching it.  It can get very loud.  Jonesy is maybe a little better.  He was okay at the vet's office for his weigh-in.  He walked right up to people and allowed them to pet him.  He weighs 116 pounds.  Maizey weighs 117 pounds.  Robert weighs 121 pounds.   I'll have new weights on the baby boys Monday or Tuesday next week when they go in for their vaccinations.  It is so hard to believe they are nearly 10 weeks old.  Until next time -

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1. Marilyn Gray said on 10/14/11 - 04:28PM
Wow I have been away for a while..I see you have a new litter... wow they are nice...congrats... love reading pages... hope your doing well... How is your husband doing and your son... since Iam way behind on things, who is Jonesy, Maizey and Robert... are they also from your litter. take care and keep writing
2. Diane said on 10/15/11 - 06:34AM
Everyone is fine. Maizey is out of Cloud and Virginia. Robert and Jonesy are boys I obtained about a year ago. I got Robert for my birthday and Jonesy for Christmas. At the time I had no idea we would ever have another litter.

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