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Finally I am Back

by Diane Brewer on 06/15/12

I have had computer problems since November 2011.  My computer has been in the shop (like an old car) more than it has been at home.  So much has happened I do not even know where to begin.  Bad News First - I have lost three bloodhounds since November: Erica, Desire, and Maytoo.   Both Desire and Maytoo were over eleven years old and died of age related issues.  We miss all three very much.  They were a large part of our lives here.  Good News -  Both Robert and Maziey are Champions now and Maizey is working on her Grand Champion title.  Bobby Lee and Preacher have points and all three baby boys have come close to winning majors already.  The most current and most exciting thing for us is that Miss State Vet college was able to collect semen on Sonny who is nearly eight years old and we got a good collection.  For the longest time now he has been the only red male bloodhound in the OFA database that is alive who also has OFA excellent hips.  It seems to me that I appear to be the ONLY person who cares about this fact and that I need to do something to save what he has to offer the breed.  I was afraid I had waited too long to get this done due to the expense of it but thankfully he is still fertile at his age and I did get it done.  I am of a personal belief that dogs like Sonny should be bred or collected and saved until they are bred because if we do not make sure the healthiest of the breed are bred then why even bother with it?  I have studied the OFA database for years and it sincerely bothers me that the few bloodhounds who do have excellent hips, normal elbows, good hearts, etc. often never get bred.  It is good to be back online.

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