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by Diane Brewer on 09/25/11

The pups got their second vet check at the 8 week point.  Preacher weighs a bit over 20 pounds.  Johnny and Bobby Lee weigh a bit over 15 pounds.  Their personalities are starting to really come through.  Preacher is demanding and very outgoing.  Johnny has a knack for theatrics.  Bobby Lee slobbers <S> I haven't had a slobber box in a long long time.  He also likes to sit in our laps.  They all love toys and will play for hours with each other and their toys.  Their perfect little teeth are needle point sharp too.  It won't be long until they will be going to obedience classes.  Speaking of which it looks like I'm going to have to take Jonesy to class pretty soon.  We did a show in Tueplo Miss and discovered that Jonesy is having a bit of a set-back.  After his big win in Memphis where he was obviously overwhelmed by staying his first night away from home at a hotel, then he was passed around from this person to that person when we were showing, and other drama went on where he crashed into the special in front of him.  The entire weekend has him a bit afraid of shows now which is just too bad because he was on a roll and looks fab.  I am going to have to work hard with him to help him over his phobia so he can get back on track.  I relearned an important lesson from that experience - be very careful with puppies.  Don't throw too many new experiences at them at once.  It has been well over 12 years since I've had one to back away from the judge during an exam.  It totally caught me by surprise because standing for exam was Jonesy's thing - he was a rock.  Anyway Robert and Maziey had a good weekend picking up one point each.  The show was a small quiet show and had it not been for Jonesy's change in behavior I would have really enjoyed the entire weekend. Until next time -  

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