Thank you for considering Mayflower Bloodhounds in your puppy search. Please read this page and then fill out our questionnaire before you call us. The next few questions are here not for you to answer and send to us but are here to make you think about your decision. We want you to be sure you are truly committed to caring for a dog for years. After reading the rest of this page if you are still interested, fill out our questionnaire and send it to us. 
1.  Do you have an adequately fenced area where your dog can run and play? 
2.  Will you allow this dog to play outside in a fenced area for the most of its day? 
3.  Do you have a Vet that you know well and can call on when your dog needs care? If not, are you willing to seek out a Vet prior to getting one of our puppies? 
4.  Will you take your dog to your vet on a yearly basis? 
5. Will you feed your dog a quality food? 
6.  Will you spend adequate time with your dog every day? 
7.  Will you attend some Obedience classes with your dog within the first six months to a year of its time with you? But, remember a puppy only needs about ten minutes of training per session. What it needs mostly is socialization - an opportunity to learn and play with other puppies on a regular basis away from its home. It also needs for its training sessions to be FUN. Can you give that puppy the kind of time that will be needed for such training and do you have the patience for it? 
8.  Are you prepared for the problems that come with puppyhood such as: accidents, problems potty training, chewing habits, crying at night, tearing up your prized possessions? 
9.  Do you understand that a bloodhound puppy will grow very fast and weigh as much as 100 pounds by the time its a year old? If you did not realize this the question is - can you handle it? 
10.  Do you realize that bloodhounds are very active and playful, and that a bloodhound can be puppy like in behaviors as late as two years old and sometimes even later? 
11,  Do you understand that a puppy and or a dog is a living being capable of feeling pain, cold, heat, hunger and that you are responsible for caring for its needs? 
12.  Are you willing to be responsible for this living being for its entire life which could be as much as eight to 13+ years? Are you ready for this kind of commitment? 
13.  Are you willing to give the puppy or dog back to us should things not work out? 
14.  Are you willing to stay in contact with us and keep us informed about the health and well being of this pup for its entire life? 
15.  Are you willing to talk with us so that we can get to know you better prior to our deciding whether or not you are the right home for one of our pups?
    Breeders must be willing to show the dog  and complete the OFA health clearances for hips, elbows, cardiac and DM on the dogs that are used for breeding.  
     If you can honestly say yes to all of these questions then you may be ready for a Mayflower bloodhound puppy. Keep reading. Give us a call. Fill out our questionnaire.  


Our Philosophy
So, you want a puppy? 
Littermates, Rock and Myles, 2005
obviously, not puppies anymore.  Bloodhound puppies grow very fast and can be sizable dogs within months.  
     So, when you think about getting a bloodhound puppy remember the above photo  because that is what you are really getting. They are cute little puppies for about four months and then they become large dogs who have the brain of a puppy for a much longer time.  
     Often people contact us wanting a puppy for their child, family member, friend or partner.  Although some breeders and bloodhound owners would disagree with us we feel obligated to say that we do not feel these dogs are the right pet for small children.  
     If you are wanting a bloodhound from us make sure you are wanting it for yourself. Don't get one for someone else or for a child.  Choosing a pet is personal and the pet must be the right fit for an individual's age,  personality, and lifestyle. So we feel strongly that the person getting the pet should be involved in the process from the beginning. A pet should never be a surprise present for the new owner.  We also insist on a simple written agreement between ourselves and the future owner of the dog.     
     If you do have small children make sure that you supervise all playtime with the growing bloodhound puppy until you are confident both the bloodhound and the child can play nice with each other.  It can work with children and be a good experience but it will take some patience and dedication on your part.
     Why a full page with words of caution? We want to be sure our dogs are placed in loving forever homes.  We make an effort to be sure that you are committed to one of our pups for its life. Our philosophy is that even when life throws you curve balls you must understand that "getting rid of the dog" is not an option.  You must be that committed, willing and responsible because once we trust you with a pup we mean for it to be for that pup's lifetime.
Our Goals
We at Mayflower Bloodhounds have bred five litters since 1996. We breed our dogs for ourselves for the purpose of showing them in AKC Conformation shows. Over the years we've learned that we cannot keep them all though we'd like to.  So we do place a few pups from each litter. We hope to produce conformational puppies who are both sound in mind and body. We promote health checks following the OFA guidelines for hips, elbows, patella, thyroid and cardiac. is a site that will inform you more about it. We promote the ECR program and are striving to have healthy bloodhound eyes.
No images on this site may be used without the written notarized consent of the owner.  The American Bloodhound Club, Inc., and other links mentioned herein, are not responsible for, nor do they necessarily agree with this publication, or any opinions expressed within.  We are members of the American Bloodhound Club and the Jackson TN Dog Fanciers.  Our bloodhounds are AKC registered purebreds
Jimmy, Virginia, Rock, Diane, and LJ 2005
photo courtesy of Linda Johnson
Virginia passed away in 2009.  Rock Passed away in 2010.  LJ passed away in 2016.  On average a bloodhound lives 9 or more years.
Both Rock and Myles passed away in 2010.  We miss them greatly.
Please note we do not ship but we might be able to meet you half way in the USA. We have puppies!  Our first litter in seven years!