The litter has arrived.  This application is for us to get to know you better before placing a pup.  Answer what you are comfortable answering.  When I call you back we can talk about it.  It is best to copy paste and send it to my email address.

Mayflower Bloodhounds

You may send inquiries to the e-mail address below.

or send this to us at:    Diane Brewer
                                    P O Box 274
                                    Ramer TN  38367

Questionnaire For a Puppy (Please print out and mail to the above address.)

Thank you for your interest in our dogs. We appreciate your answering the following questions. All information is confidential and used only by us. 

Pups sold as pets will  leave us on Limited Registration. Limited Registration means that you cannot get papers for the pups should you breed the dog unless we agree to change the registration.  If you are interested in full registration and possibly breeding you must show us that you are serious about training bloodhounds for Search and Rescue or Showing in Conformation. You must be willing to get OFA health clearances on your dog. Upon receiving this questionnaire filled out completely from you we will reply within 10 days. This questionnaire is just one part of our Contract. Pups can be seen by appointment only.

I am sure this  process seems a bit offensive if you have never been through it before, but it is our way of protecting our dogs.  We invest a lot of money and time in our dogs and we want to ensure that our dogs are placed in safe loving environments for their lifetime. We do NOT see these animals as chattel to be handed off from person to person once an owner is tired of it or discovers that this is not the breed for them. Our dogs are not for resale. We reserve the right to take any dog back should you decide that you do not want to keep it for any reason.

Your Name:


Phone Number:

Good time to reach you:

How were you referred to us:

Are you interested in obtaining one of our bloodhounds from us?

Circle all that apply.

Sex: Male/Female Color: Red/Black and Tan/Liver and Tan
Companion/ Show/ Trailing/ Obedience/ Rescue/ 

Additional Information:

What qualities do you like in this breed?

Is this your first bloodhound?

How many animals do you own now?

Are you committed to caring for this dog for its lifetime?

Have you ever had to euthanize a dog?

Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog? If not why?

If you are buying the dog as a companion animal and pet with the plan to spay/neuter ​
are you willing to put this dog on “Limited Registration?”
Please note that “Limited Registration” will NOT allow you to breed this dog and register the pups with the American Kennel Club unless we agree to change the registration. But, it will allow you access to this dogs' Pedigree through the American Kennel Club and you can compete in some AKC competitions but not the Show Arena.

Circle all that apply

Do you have: fenced yard/ kennel/ underground fence

If you do not what are your plans for this dog?

Where will the dog stay during the Day?


Family Data: Are you married or single? 

How old are you?

Do you have children?

How many and what are their ages?

What is your occupation?

Are there others in the household that will have contact with the dog?

Do you live in a rural area or the city?

Do you own your home?

Have you read any books about this breed?

If so what?

List 2 references, Name, Address, e-mail, Phone, 
Relationship to you and years known. One reference must be a veterinarian.

Please use the reverse side to add further information you wish us to consider in placing our puppies with you. We would appreciate if you would give us a little insight into the expectations you may have for this new addition to your family. Thank you again! Your interest is deeply appreciated.