This is a list of our title holders over the years.  Not all are alive nor do they all live with us.  Some friends suggested that it would be nice to mention our dogs accomplishments to date. So here goes -
The First Wave  
(The Mayflower Litter of 2000)

Ch Mayflower's Myles Standish  "Myles" is our first champion.
Ch Mayflower's Desire Minter  "Desire" is our first red female champion.
Ch Ramsey Creek WalkNThe Clouds   "Cloud" is not our breeding but he is our first black and tan champion.
Ch Mayflower's Plymouth Rock  "Rock" is our first Bred By Exhibitor Champion invited to the Eukanuba classic.  He is also our first to win an AOM at a Regional Speciality as a Veteran.
Mayflower's Princess Matoaka CGC "Maytoo" is our first Canine Good Citizen.
The Second Wave  (The Gospel Song Litter of 2004)
Ch Mayflower's Beulah Land "LJ" is our first Group placement winner and AOM  winner.  She was a Group Four placement winner at 10 months old.  She was also a two time AOM winner at Regional Specialities as well as a two time ABC Top Twenty Winner. She was the first and only red female to get in the ABC Top Twenty twice by 2009.


Ch Mayflower's Soul Never Dies "Heaven"  Our second Bred By Exhibitor Champion invited to the Eukanuba Classic.  OFA Excellent
Ch Mayflower's Unclouded Day  "Sonny"  OFA Excellent
Ch Mayflower's Mighty Fortress "Maggie"  Our fourth Bred By Exhibitor Champion invited to the Eukanuba Classic.
The Third Wave  (The GI Joe Litter of 2006)
Am GCH Ch/Int'l Ch Mayflower's Shipwreck "Polly" is our third bloodhound of our breeding to OFA Excellent.  She also placed in the ABC Top Twenty twice.  She's been invited to the Eukanuba Classic twice. She is our first female black and tan American and International Champion and American Grand Champion.  
Ch Mayflower's Cover Girl "Tiegs" is our third Bred By Exhibitor Champion to be invited to the Eukanuba Classic.  Tiegs is actually our first black and tan female champion that we showed ourselves.
Ch Mayflower's Mother Freedom "Freedom" is not our breeding but she is our first female champion Liver and Tan.  She is also the first of Denise and Kelly Jones breeding to become a champion as well as most likely the first of Morrison lines to become a champion. 
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Andrew and Desire many years ago
L to R in birth order - Priscilla, Dasiy, Virginia, Myles, Rock,  Maytoo, Love, and Desire.
L to R or back to front - Maggie, Erica, Angel (in flight), Sonny, and out in front Heaven.
L to R - Joe, Snoopy, Wanda, Maizey, Polly, Tiegs,and Belle
Front to Back - Tiegs (Cover Girl) and Snoopy (Gung-Ho). Tiegs and Snoopy have both passed away.  Tiegs was six and Snoopy was nine when they passed.  We miss them terribly.
Ch Mayflower's Lady Jaye "Maziey" is our fifth Bred By Exhibitor Champion helping us to earn the Silver Bred By Medallion!   She is invited to the Eukanuba Classic in Florida 2012.
Ch Wynbrook General Robert E. Lee At Mayflower is not our breeding.  He comes from Nan and Jack Whitsel.  We appreciate them for letting us take this beautiful boy home with us. 
The Fourth Wave (the Song Lyrics Litter of 2011)  After many years of trying for this litter and with Heaven turning seven years old we got just these three precious little boys.  So of course we kept all three.  They are from your left Preacher, Johnny and Bobby Lee at four weeks old.   Yes, that little walnut headed runt was the first to become a champion.

GCh Mayflower's Nothing Left To Lose "Bobby Lee" is our sixth bred by exhibitor Champion.  He won 2nd place in bred by at the 2012 Nationals In Penn and 3rd place in bred by at the 2013 Nationals in Kansas.  He finished at the Regional that same weekend going Winner's Dog under breeder Judge Cathy Brey-Marler.  In May of 2014 at back to back regionals and supported entries in North Carolina Bobby Lee earned an Award of Merit and Select gaining his third major win on his way to his Grand Champion Title.  He became Grand Champion in October 2015.  He also ranked 5th in 2014, 6th in 2015 and 7th in 2016 in the National Owner Handled Series getting an invitation to the Eukanuba Classic in Florida each year. He retired from the owner handled competition in 2016 finishing with a Hound Group 1.  Not bad for the little "walnut headed runt."  Even now in 2022 he ranks at 22 in Lifetime Achievement for NOHS which is amazing considering he has long since passed away.

Ch Mayflower's Man Of The Cloth "Preacher"  is our seventh bred by champion.

Mayflower's Married In A Fever CGC  "Johnny" is our first to earn the official CGC title although Maytoo earned her CGC years ago before it was an AKC title.

The Fifth Wave - the Shotgun Wedding Litter of 2015

Ch Mayflower's Home Run "Ruth"  ​Ruth is our eighth bred by champion.  She has been phenomenal winning a 4 to 6 months puppy Best In Show and going on to win several nice wins at National Specialties.  She won puppy Best of Opposite in the 6 to 9 month class at the Ohio Nationals.  Then later in the 18 to 24 month old class at the Nationals in Chattanooga TN she won Best Jr in Sweeps.  She won first in Bred By at the Nationals.  She has been shown on a limited basis. She picked up a BOS and major win in Ohio in 2019 for her Grand Champion title.
GCH CH Mayflower's One Night Stand "Stanley"  Stanley's first major was a five point major win over specials in Cleveland Ohio where he also went Owner Handled Group three on that same day.  He ranked at 15 in the AKC Top 20 for the year of 2017. He wound up ranked in Owner Handled at 8 in 2018.  He finished at a supported entry in Marion Ill with a five point major going winners dog and Best Owner Handler.  He is our 9th bred by champion.  His Grand Championship went by so fast I can not even remember the details of it other than he finished his Grand championship title in Jackson TN going an Owner Handled Group 3 the same day. 2019 was another good year for Stanley he ranked 18 in the American Bloodhound Club top 20 and we took a trip to the Texas Nationals for the event.  He also ranked 19 in Bloodhounds with AKC and 15 in the AKC National Owner Handled Series.  2020 was a bust for us in our region for dog shows. We experimented with Virtual shows but it was not the same.  It did raise money for those in the fancy who were without jobs.   COVID 19 shut everything we usually go to down and we were unable to travel to the areas where shows continued to go on.  2021 started with a bang this year.  Stanley won an Owner Handled Group 2 under Judge Dana Cline and a Hound Group 3 under Judge Jerry Watson!  The Owner Handled Group 2 enabled Stanley to win the National Owner Handled Bronze Achievement Award.  He surpassed his Sire in the Lifetime rank to number 18 in bloodhounds.
Mayflower's Mystic Dreamer SNC "Dreamer" She was not a part of the Shotgun Wedding litter but purchased three years afterwards.  We have been training in scent work and she's already achieved her first title in scent container novice. She also picked up a Reserve win in conformation at a Regional in Marion Ohio.

Pictured here is Mayflower's Married In A Fever CGC - Johnny